Since 2012, Devunet has been helping enterprise clients, medium-sized businesses and startups to design, develop and manage web and mobile applications. Our consultants and development managers work with your business and IT teams to build smart IT strategies and develop applications that are high-quality, cost-effective and delivered on time.


Devunet is a center of excellence where talented individuals work together to achieve greatness. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills that transcends within the organization to make everyone better.
We bring quality assurance to every part of our process, combining enterprise level and startup QA methodologies to achieve top performance and maintain a flexible operation. We make sure your business resources can focus on their goals rather than on testing the product.
Our passion is helping you solve your most challenging IT problems. We understand your challenges and think ahead to ensure that your business exceeds its goals. Superior customer service is in our DNA, and we invite you to experience it yourself.
Continuous Improvement
We utilize Lean methodologies to continuously improve our people, processes and technology services. In a constantly changing world, putting processes in place to adjust to change is key to business success. Ask us how we can help your business utilize these methodologies in your IT strategy.


U.S. Based Operations
Our operation is designed to achieve close interaction and collaboration between our SMEs and your stakeholders. We are based in Atlanta, GA and can work with your teams remotely or at onsite locations.
Off-Shore Management Bridge
We bridge the gap between our offshore teams with our Israeli-based development managers. The adjacent time zones allow complete integration, real-time interaction and continuous managment of our offshore teams.
Off-Shore Development Teams
Since 2012, Devunet has been building teams in India with the goal of providing cost-effective and high-quality software development services. Our teams have a proven record of success and mastery of our Lean processes.


Fixed Price

Projects with well-defined scope, business requirements, timeline and technical goals are a good fit for a fixed cost price. In this scenario, Devunet will be responsible for meeting the agreed upon goals.

Time & Material

Projects with unclear scope, business requirements, timeline and technical goals are a good fit for an hourly-based price. In this scenario, changes can be made without spending valuable time creating scope documents.

Dedicated Team

Projects with high level of unknowns and lack of resources on the business side are a good fit for dedicated teams. In this scenario, the business will have dedicated resources supporting every step of the product life cycle.

Receive accurate assesment for your project

We will schedule time to talk, understand your goals, the product you are considering to develop or already developing. Our team can help with a range of questions and can offer great tools for your business to move forward.